Engaging Talks

We curate the program with a combination of panel discussions and presentations to ensure you have the opportunity to engage.

Industry Trends

The stage at NORTH51 is the platform to discuss the biggest technology trends impacting the industry in 2021 and beyond.

100 Attendees

With a small but dynamic audience, you’ll have even more opportunities to meet the most innovative minds in geospatial.


We’ve carefully designed two networking events to allow for attendees to socialize outside of the conference room.


More than 100 geospatial industry leaders, educators, and researchers will gather in Banff, AB, for two days at the Rimrock Hotel to share today’s geospatial technology breakthroughs and actively participate in creating the future
The fourth annual NORTH51 features keynotes, presentations, panels, and invaluable networking opportunities. The NORTH51 conference creates a ground-breaking stage to draw decades of research and innovation experience. Delegates and speakers to present on how 21st-century GIS technology empowers the industry and recent adoption into countless new industries to reimagine how to solve problems and evoke change.

Here's what happened last year

The 2020 theme, “Off the Map,” represented the continuous evolution of geospatial technology and highlighted the incongruous rise in the reliance on location-aware systems, as well as the decline in public understanding of the role such systems play in our lives. Geospatial technology remains critical to the human future, whether by helping us understand climate change, build safe self-navigating systems, or optimize agricultural workflows.

Key takeaways include:

  1. The combination of social and tech ecosystems can create a competitive advantage for Alberta (and Canada)
  2. We must couple our sophisticated geospatial technologies with renewed interest in human-centred design and psychology
  3. Satellite technology can help us fight wildfires and global warming, and get a head start in remote disaster management, and exciting work is in progress to transform their product from time-delayed imagery into highly actionable information
  4. Across the industry, to create meaningful insights from the avalanche of data now available to us, our data collection strategies have to transform raw data into useful information
  5. Geospatial really is everywhere: it’s no longer a standalone industry but is layered beneath other technologies
  6. The new generation of geomatics professionals will require cross-training in business, the arts, economics, etc.
  7. Ubiquitous computing will transform the way we move through physical space by a series of small location-triggered interactions with sensors.